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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dinair Airbrush System

Dinair Airbrush Review Pt. 1

I've been researching airbrush makeup for the past month and finally broke down and purchased a kit for myself. If you're interested in airbrush makeup I strongly suggest that you research all the different companies until you find one that fits your needs best. The popular brands that you hear about most are Temptu, Dinair, Luminous Air and so forth. Temptu was not an option, it didn't offer enough for the price, though I know many people own it and love it.

I was looking for something that would be matte, long lasting and to help cover up the scaring I have on my cheeks. I was willing to invest in purchasing a system if I could find one that I believed best suited my needs. Like most, I've spent endless amounts of income on makeup, acne treatments, etc. The idea of "flawless" skin is an incredible thought, is it not?!

I purchased the Foundation Deluxe Kit for $199 and after tax my total came to $209.51
It's a investment, definitely.

"Enough Rambling, do you love your Dinair or not?!"

Ordering Process

The web site is very easy to follow, well organized and informative. I've heard so many great things about there costumer service but I'll get to that later. They offer a free "Color match" so you're able to achieve a perfect match, no matter your skin tone. All you have to do is E-mail them a photo or yourself and they'll E-mail back what they believe will suit your skin tone best! I chose to just buy the kit in "Light" and passed on the color match. I know I glow in the dark already, I didn't need anyone to tell me!! Ha ha

There are fourteen different color compressors that you are able to choose from and then a variety of shades and accessories. The kits comes with the compressor, a brush (the gun and a hose), accessories (rubber band, caps/plugs, etc), cleaner and the makeup colors of your choice.

Color Options
Foundation Color Options

Every shade comes in three sizes- .25 ounces, .50 ounces, or 1.15 ounces. Pricing varies depending on the formula. They also have a Paramedical line of foundations, which is supposed offer more coverage for scaring, covering tattoos, etc. The Paramedical line is a little more pricey than the Glamour line, they start at $18, $26 and $35.

(My order)

My Thoughts On The Company

I won't lie, I was a little unhappy that the three E-mails I sent went unanswered. I do wish the costumer service was better, it would have made my experience that much better. I ordered my kit on July 17th and received it on July 25th. The box came in the mail and was nicely packaged, everything was sealed so that any unfortunate spills that might occur wouldn't have a chance!

Dinair is first airbrushing system and has been around for years and I felt comfortable purchasing a system from them.

My Thought On The Products

I'll be honest, if you've never airbrushed before (like me), don't expect to be amazing at it right away! I had such high hopes for the system that after trying it for the first time I was crushed and thinking about sending it back. I know, I can be a little dramatic (I've always been an all or nothing kind of gal!).

The Foundation

I remember watching Kandee Johnson on a bridal video I believe saying how she applies it without the airbrush system and just works it into her skin with her fingers. I don't find that it covers or looks good that way, though I do love Kandee Johnson (what works for some, doesn't work for everyone)!

The coverage starts off sheer (as it is small pixels being sprayed on your skin) but it is definitely build able.


Oh my, the first time I used the blush it wasn't all that pretty!! Ha ha I suggest watching the DVD that they send you in your kit before attempting to use it straight out of the box, it's full of great information and helpful hints!!

I've been using this system everyday for the past four days and so far...I love it!!!! Liquid makeup always seemed to slide off of my face and my powder mineral makeup would get patchy after about 45 minutes. I applied this at 3pm, ran errands, went to the beach for
3 hours and hung out with a friend until 2am and when I came home my makeup still looked great! That's 11 hours of wear (and tear from the beach) and my makeup still looked great, I'm sold! I didn't order any eye shadows, brow shadows, stencils or any of the other neat things they have to offer on their website but now I wish I had!!

Final Thoughts

I'm extremely pleased with my Dinair Airbrushing System and can't wait to try out more products from Dinair!! My skin stays matte (finally), the makeup is weightless (it feels like you're wearing nothing!) and it covers up imperfections like no other!! I can't wait to try the Paramedical line for my scaring, the eye and lip shades and and more. I truly recommend this system for anyone that has oily, acne prone skin and who is looking for great coverage or anyone that is just looking for flawless skin that lasts all day.

In part 2 I'll show pictures of everything I purchased, what I use and before and after photos! I hope this review was helpful and if you have any questions I would be more than happy to do my best to answer them!! Thanks so much for reading :)

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