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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs

Airbrushed Legs Anyone?

Okay, I'll admit the idea of makeup all over my legs didn't sound so appealing but I couldn't resist trying this product after hearing so many great reviews on it. So, do I love it, hate it or think it's decent?!

Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs
What Is It?
"Tanning and pantyhose are so yesterday. Now you can give your legs a makeover in just seconds. No sun. No salon. No streaks. Just flawless looking, irresistible, sexy legs. This light-weight leg makeup, enriched with Palmaria Extract, enhances the coverage of freckles, veins and imperfections. It’s water and transfer resistant. Bare legs are nice. Airbrush Legs are irresistible."

First Thoughts

I've heard some say that they just spray this product directly on their legs while the instructions say to spray the product on your hands and than apply it to your skin. I deiced to follow the instructions, sprayed a small amount into my hand and rubbed the product into my skin.I want to start off by saying this stuff dries, FAST!!! You have to work this product into your skin quickly or else it might look a little streaky.

My Review

I love it! It takes a little while to work into your skin, but the end result is lovely! I bought the shade "Tan Glow" (though I'm pretty pale) they were out of "Medium Glow" so I opted for the next best thing? Ha ha. It wasn't "orangey", I wouldn't recommended it if I thought it would make anyone look like a oompa loompa! That being said, I love the color, how quickly it dries and the staying power. I even went swimming with it on and it didn't come off at all! As soon as you lather your legs up with soap, the product will come off.

Final Thoughts

Buy it! If you're looking for something that you can put on before a late night out with the girls, have great looking legs or a date night out in your LBD, this is the product for you! Though I thought this shade would be to dark for me, it suits my summer skin tone perfectly! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Before & After
(The right leg in the photo appears tanner, smoother and has a healthy glow)

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